Serverless Authentication with Golang

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Serverless Authentication with Golang

Almost every project needs authentication to serve secure user content.

For most of my side projects, I prefer to pay per use for cost optimization.

continuing my experiment with Golang, I created Golang service that's going to run inside AWS Lambda function and store the data in Dynmodb database, I'm using serverless AWS services to fulfil my requirement of cost optimize service.

GitHub repo


  • Email/password login

  • Forgot password

  • Provider login using google/github and more

  • Multi tenant(orgs)

  • Store user data on signup

  • Basic roles

  • Invite users

  • Emails template

  • JWT

Supported routes:

POST/v1/auth/loginemail, passwordtrueLogin
POST/v1/auth/login/emailemailtruePasswordless Login
POST/v1/auth/signupemail, password, datatrueSignup
POST/v1/auth/renewfalseGet new Token
GET/v1/auth/provider/:providertrueLogin with provider
GET/v1/auth/provider/:provider/callbacktrueValidate provider login
GET/v1/users/metrueHealth check
PUT/v1/users/medatafalseUpdate user data
PUT/v1/users/me/passwordpassword,repeated passwordfalseUpdate user password
POST/v1/orgsnamefalseCreate Org
POST/v1/orgs/:orgId/inviteemail, roleadminfalseInvite user to me org
GET/v1/orgs/:orgId/usersadminfalseGet org users