HI there 👋

I'm Nir Adler, a developer, maker, and open-source enthusiast with a passion for creating and contributing to projects that make a difference.

I currently work at Palo Alto Networks, where I am part of the CCS Scale Team. My responsibilities include designing high-scale and secure infrastructure on AWS, maintaining security and compliance in the cloud, and developing high-scale REST APIs using TypeScript. Additionally, I have experience with SQL/NoSQL databases, open-source development, and DevOps tools. I am a security champion in my team, and I am always working to improve the security posture of the company and help my colleagues with best practices and guidelines.

I have a strong background in open-source development and have been actively contributing to various open-source projects over the years, I am always happy to share my knowledge with others.

I am highly motivated and dedicated to driving projects forward, always eager to learn new technologies, and I deeply care about the products I deliver and maintain.

⚡️ Skills

  • Programming languages: Javascript, Typescript, Python, and Golang.
  • Databases: SQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, and Postgres.
  • System design: designing high-scale systems that are cost-efficient, secure, and provide great performance.
  • Operation System: I am comfortable working with Linux, Bash, and command-line tools.
  • DevOps: I am experienced in using AWS and Google Cloud, as well as infrastructure-as-code tools like Serverless, Terraform, and the AWS CDK. I also have experience with Jenkins, Github action, Gitlab CI/CD, and self-hosted Gitea.
  • DevSec: I have experience using SAST/DAST scanners, and I am familiar with vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, and broken authentication and authorization. I am also comfortable with using security tools like ZAP proxy, Nmap, and others.

🔍 Where do you usually find me?

  • ✍️    Writing Blog
  • 💻    Developing Code
  • ğŸŽ®    Playing Games

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